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BALMORAL Dressage MONO Flap Calf

Lightweight, comfortable and perfectly designed, our Balmoral collection offers maximum contact with your horse, strengthening that all-important bond and keeping you in control at all times.

Made with the finest Italian calf leather, this saddle is available in a range of sizes to suit you, with fits to meet your horse’s requirements. There are four straps as standard, with the option of an added back strap and it comes in black or brown. As each saddle is hand-crafted, you can request a number of different stitching and welting options to suit your personal preferences and club requirements.


 All versions include the decorative stitching and Equitek logo for proof of quality and style, as well as six standard straps. You can also choose to include an extra back strap if required.


  • Sizes available 18’’
  • Fits available Medium Wide but can be adjusted 
  • 6 straps as standard back strap as option


Balmoral Dressage Monoi Flap Calf Covered

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