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If you spend hours in the saddle, you need to be using products that will ensure you remain comfortable and safe. Our T-Bar Stirrup Leathers are made of luxury calf covered web, high-quality leather that will ensure your feet are in exactly the right position, keeping you secure while riding your horse.

The durable material has been double-stitched for extra strength, while the width of the leather means that there is not too much underneath your thighs, reducing the possibility of chafing on either you or your horse. They are available in four different sizes, so you can choose the ones most suited to your leg length, leaving you happy and confident in the ability of your leathers.


T-Bar Stirrup Leathers Sizes


Small 22 inch

Medium 26 inch

Large 30 inch

Xtra-Large 34 inch

T Bar Stirrup Leathers

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